Suicide rates have been steadily increasing over the past decade, and in the United States alone there were a reported 132 people who died by suicide in 2018 alone. As a result, suicidality has become more and more recognized as a critical public health issue that requires specific attention. Some states now require specific suicide trainings for all licensed professionals each certification cycle (e.g., State of Missouri). Within a gambling population, suicide attempts are higher when compared to general population, and are exponentially higher within sub-populations of gamblers such as Veterans, and individuals with co-occurring mental health disparities. Research on suicidality, ideation, and attempts within individuals with gambling disorders tend to reliably show higher prevalence rates. In this way, the current webinar will highlight foundational knowledge and concepts related to quality assessment and intervention strategies for suicidality generally speaking, and how to tailor it for gambling clients. The webinar will discuss gambling specific risk factors that may result in higher suicidal ideation and/or attempts for gamblers, and will highlight surveys/screening assessments clinicians can consider using in their practice immediately. Finally, where to start and how to ethically provide safe treatments for clients will be discussed.

  • Define various terms used to describe variations of suicidality

  • Review current research

  • Identify suicide screeners/assessments to use with gambling clients

  • Identify three risk factors of individuals with gambling disorder for suicidality

Course curriculum

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    Getting Started

    • Welcome to the Gambling Disorder Webinar Series

    • About this Webinar : Suicide and Problem Gambling

    • Meet the Presenters

    • Special Guest : Dr. Jonathan Singer, LCSW

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    • The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals

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    • Webinar Objectives

    • Suicide and Problem Gambling

    • Reminder about CEs and Licensure

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    • Post-Test

    • Evaluation

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