International Certified Gambling Counselor Education & Certification Course

For Non-US Clinicians

This 30-hour course is specifically designed for counselors working with at-risk and problem gambling. The International Gambling Counselor Certification Board has approved this course for the Internationally Certified Gambling Counselor (Level 1) also known as ICGC-I training requirements for certification. Sponsored by Gamban and developed by The Better Institute and Jody Bechtold, the goal is to provide professionals with the certification to legitimize the work they have already been providing.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Gambling Disorder Treatment 30-hr Course is Sponsored by Gamban

    • Is this course for you?

    • Introductions with Jody & Melissa

    • The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals

    • Contact Information

    • Tips for an Online Self-Paced Course

  • 2

    Problem Gambling 101

    • Introduction to Problem Gambling 101

    • How Much Do You Know About Gambling? Provide as much as possible so we can get to know you.

    • Prevalence Video Lecture

    • Online Gambling Video Lecture

    • Your Region/Country's Online Gambling

    • Problem Gambling Internet Search

    • TedTalk by Jody Bechtold

    • Pictures Video Lecture

    • List of Helplines & Support

    • Visit Websites for Prevention and Treatment

    • Knowledge Check Quiz

  • 3

    Understanding the "Gambler"

    • Introduction to Understanding the "Gambler"

    • The "Gambler" Video Lecture

    • Meaning and Role of Gambling Video Lecture

    • "The Hook" Video Lecture

    • Podcasts to Listen To (Sponsored by Gamban)

    • Tony O'Reilly Interview

    • "The Doors" Video Lecture

    • Gambling Addiction: The UK Model

    • Lived Experience

    • Gambling Harms Education

    • Knowledge Check Quiz

  • 4

    Relationship Between Substance Use Disorder & Mental Health

    • Introduction to Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health

    • Review Co-Occurrence Research Articles

    • "Nuggets"

    • Similarities & Differences with Substance Use Disorder Video Lecture

    • Review Examples of Activities to Integrate

    • Lived Experience, Paul Merson Interview

    • Knowledge Check Quiz

  • 5

    Crisis and Suicide

    • Introduction to Crisis and Suicide

    • Suicide Risk Video Lecture

    • Suicide Screens and Assessments for Review

    • Articles about Suicide Screens and Assessments

    • Complete and Submit Suicide Risk Assessment

    • Knowledge Check Quiz

  • 6

    Where to Start

    • Introduction of Where to Start

    • Downloadable Screening Tools

    • Screens and Assessments Video Lecture

    • DSM-5 Video Lecture

    • DSM vs ICD-11 Pathological Gambling Disorder

    • The Pathways Model: Subtypes Video Lecture

    • The Pathways Model

    • Co-Occurring Video Lecture

    • Gordon Moody: Gambling Therapy

    • Upload Intake Paperwork

    • Knowledge Check Quiz

  • 7

    Fundamental Approaches

    • Introduction to Fundamental Approaches

    • Abstinence, HR and Natural Recovery Video Lecture

    • Harm Reduction and 10 Rules Video Lecture

    • Complete HR Plan Exercise

    • Visit Spending Calculator

    • Self-Exclusion Video Lecture

    • What is Gamban?

    • Understanding Gamban

    • Visit Gamban Site

    • Operator Self-Exclusion

    • Layered Self-Exclusion

    • National Self-Exclusion List

    • Find Self-Exclusion Programs

    • Questions about Self-Exclusion?

    • Gamban Danny Cheetham Case Study

    • Knowledge Check Quiz

  • 8

    Models of Intervention

    • Introduction to Models of Intervention

    • All Models Videos Lecture

    • "Its Not About The Nail"

    • Models of Intervention and Stages of Change Video Lecture

    • Gambling Therapy (Gordon Moody)

    • Interview with Tony O'Reilly

    • Treating Gambling Addiction

    • Recovery from Problem Gambling

    • Knowledge Check Quiz

  • 9

    Self-Help & Recovery Support Specialists

    • Introduction to Self-Help and Recovery Support Specialists

    • Visit GA Website

    • Visit Gamanon Website

    • 12-Step in Therapy Video Lecture

    • SMART Recovery Video Lecture

    • Recovery and Support Specialist Video Lecture

    • Gordon Moody: Gambling Addiction as an Affected Other

    • Knowledge Check Quiz

  • 10


    • Introduction to Family

    • Family Video Lecture

    • It’s All in the Family: Considering Gambling Treatments Across Generations

    • Strategies Video Lecture

    • Podcast Episodes about Family

    • GamCare Help for Anyone Affected by Gambling Harms

    • Knowledge Check Quiz

  • 11

    Adolescents & Young Adults

    • Introduction to Adolescents & Young Adults

    • Paul Merson: Football Gambling & Me

    • Adolescents Video Lecture

    • Short Story of An Adolescent with A Gambling Addiction

    • The Life of a Gambling Addict

    • The Horrible Truth about Gambling Addiction

    • College Students Video Lecture

    • Research Articles

    • Knowledge Check Quiz

  • 12

    Older Adults

    • Introduction to Older Adults

    • Warning Signs and Interventions with Older Adults Video Lecture

    • Research about Older Adults and Gambling

    • Similarities and differences between UK and US

    • Knowledge Check Quiz

  • 13


    • Introduction to Finances

    • Finances Video Lecture

    • Strategies Video Lecture

    • Budgets and Restitution Plans Video Lecture

    • Monzo: Customer Journey

    • Gambling & Finance Webinar with Helen Undy

    • Gary Stevenson - Speculating or Investing

    • Gambling Blocking Solutions Offered by Banks

    • Knowledge Check Quiz

  • 14

    Legal Similarities and Differences

    • Introduction to Legal Similarities and Differences

    • The Broke Girl Society Podcast

    • Majority of Legal Aspects Video Lecture

    • Best Practices for Intake and 5 R's Video Lecture

    • Two Different Profiles Video Lecture

    • Legal Expert Testimony Video Lecture

    • Gambling Motivated Crime by Dr. Michelle Malkin, PhD

    • Gambling Motivated Crime

    • (Optional) Understanding Joy

    • Sample US-based Forensic Report for a client

    • Clients Rights Video Lecture

    • Duty to Warn Video Lecture

    • Research Various News Articles About Legal Sentencing

  • 15


    • Introduction to Medication

    • Jon Grant and Medications

    • Various Medications for Co-Occurring Video Lecture

    • FDA Warnings Video Lecture

    • Medications in the UK

    • Knowledge Check Quiz

  • 16


    • Introduction to Research

    • Locate and Read 3 Research Articles

    • Researchers in the Field Video Lecture

    • Neurobiology

    • Near Misses by Dr. Jon Grant

    • Medical Research Video Lecture

    • Medical Video Lecture

    • Outcome Studies Video Lecture

    • Knowledge Check Quiz

  • 17

    Special Populations

    • Introduction to Special Populations

    • Female Gambling Addiction

    • Women and gambling in the UK

    • Gambling Harm in Diverse Communities

    • Tedx Talk - The Fall and Rise of A Gambling Addict (Military)

  • 18

    Next steps and IGCCB certification

    • Clinical Supervision

    • International Gambling Counselor Certification Board (IGCCB)

    • IGCCB Certification information

    • Gamban

    • The Better Institute

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This 30-hour course is specifically designed for counselors outside of the United States working with at-risk and problem gambling.