This webinar introduces you to many of the ways you can incorporate technology into your clinical practice, including clients with a gambling disorder. We set the stage with learning more about the rapid increase in sports betting and online gambling across the country. We discuss the importance of understanding various generational characteristics and how they expect to interact with you using technology. We explore what teletherapy, using apps, virtual money, and podcasts can do for your work with individuals with a gambling disorder.

  • Describe how you can use TedTalks and YouTube videos in your clinical sessions with problem gambling.

  • Understand how technology is making it even easier to gambling online, 24/7.

  • Articulate how Millennials and GenZs will expect to interact with you in a clinical setting.

  • Describe the benefits of teletherapy for problem gamblers

  • Determine when it is appropriate to use apps, podcasts, audiobooks and more between sessions in gambling disorder treatment.

Course curriculum

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    Getting Started

    • Welcome to the Gambling Disorder Webinar Series

    • About this Webinar : Screens and Assessments for Gambling Disorders

    • Meet the Presenters

    • Tell Us More About You (for Licensure/Certification)

    • The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals

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    • About CEs and Licensure

    • Handouts for this webinar

    • Have Questions? Comments?

    • List of Screens and Assessments in the course

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    • Webinar Objectives

    • Screens and Assessments

    • Complete at least 3 Assessments

    • Reminder about CEs and Licensure

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    • Post-Test

    • Evaluation