This webinar provides even the most experienced clinicians with new understandings about older adults, especially Baby Boomers, and how they engage in gambling activities for leisure and healthy aging. Special Guest, Beth Mulvaney, a gerontology social worker, provides us with greater awareness about the role of the PCP, the difficulties with effective screening for problematic gambling and how to interpret behaviors that are commonly understood through dementia criteria. Learn more about when to have a direct vs indirect approach to talking about gambling with older adults. And finally, help older adults answer “what gets you up in the morning?”.

  • Understanding Older Adults (OA) and “why now” with respect to Baby Boomers, leisure activities and healthy aging

  • Identify the medications with FDA Warnings that can cause excessive gambling

  • Describe the Warning Signs of problematic gambling in an older adult

  • Understanding the “Hook” that causes some older adults to gamble excessively

  • Identify when Direct vs Indirect Approaches work best in reaching older adults

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Gambling Disorder Webinar Series

    • About this Webinar : Older Adults and Gambling

    • Meet the Presenters

    • Tell Us More About You (for Licensure/Certification)

    • Special Guest : Elizabeth Mulvaney, LCSW

    • The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals

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    • About CEs and Licensure

    • Handouts for this webinar

    • Have Questions? Comments?

  • 2


    • Webinar Objectives

    • Older Adults - Part 1

    • Older Adults - Part 2

    • Reminder about CEs and Licensure

  • 3


    • Post-Test

    • Evaluation

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