This webinar introduces clinical approaches to harm reduction across the continuum, from responsible gambling to self-exclusion programs. Clinicians will learn how to apply the 10 Rules of Responsible Gambling as a way to create harm reduction plans for their clients. Clinicians also learn when abstinence is the treatment goal and how to utilize various self-exclusion programs to help their clients close all the “doors” to access to gambling. Special guest appearances from Jack and Melissa from Gamban ®, who will walk attendee’s through how to use their application to help clients abstain from access to anything gambling related online.

  • Define what is Harm Reduction on a continuum

  • Describe how to apply harm reduction with problem and disordered gambling

  • Discuss how to use the 10 Rules of Responsible Gambling for harm reduction plans

  • Understand the definition of Self-Exclusion

  • Describe strategies to help clients self-exclude

  • Articulate when Gamban ® is a tool for self-exclusion

Course Curriculum

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    Getting Started

    • Welcome to the Gambling Disorder Webinar Series

    • About this Webinar : Harm Reduction

    • Meet the Presenters

    • Tell Us More About You (for Licensure/Certification)

    • The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals

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    • About CEs and Licensure

    • Handouts for this webinar

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    • Harm Reduction: Webinar Objectives

    • Harm Reduction

    • Reminder about CEs and Licensure

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    • Post-Test

    • Evaluation