"The game is 90% mental and the other 10% is mental too.”

Are you an athlete looking to improve your mental game? Are you a coach looking for a way to improve team chemistry and motivation?

Get Back in the Game ®

Introducing the Back in the Game Virtual Course! We have spent the past few years developing an affordable sports performance program for athletes of all ages. Our goal is to teach athletes the necessary mental skills to take their game to the next level! We focus on teaching six core mental skills (goal setting, preparation, confidence building, self-talk/visualization, focus/motivation, working through adversity) that research has shown to lead to game-changing success. In addition, we provide education and prevention strategies to athletes on the topics of mental health and addiction.

The Back in the Game ® Program has shown

  • Drastic improvement in athlete motivation and focus

  • Significant improvement in team cohesion

  • Major decreases in major depressive symptoms and performance anxiety

Program Testimonials

"It has made me mentally stronger. Also it has taught me many ways to relax my mind so I can flourish."

"Made me more aware of the mental aspects of the game."

"I think that this program has really challenged the mental aspect of my game by making me a student of the game."

"It’s helped a lot… never would’ve thought how much the mental aspect would impact my game and even mindset off the court."

"It has made me more confident in my abilities and allowed me not to dwell so much on my mistakes but use them as building blocks to succeed."

"The most influential parts of this program helped my mental game by showing me different ways to set goals and keep track of them. As well as stay level headed when going through different trials and tribulations."

Program Results: Athletes in Back in the Game® Report

  • 20% increase in mental skills knowledge and application

  • 47% decrease in major depressive symptoms

  • 18% decrease in performance anxiety symptoms

Coaches Report:

  • Improved team cohesion

  • Athletes were better able to handle the ups and downs of a long season

  • Athletes learned how to focus on what’s important during the game

  • Athletes were better able to move on from mistakes

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Welcome

    • Training Overview

    • Introduce Yourself

    • Are you ready to make the commitment?

  • 2

    Back in the Game Intro

    • Back in the Game Intro Video Lesson

    • Back in the Game Intro Key Points

    • Back in the Game Mental Skills Evaluation

  • 3

    Goal Setting

    • Goal Setting Video Lesson

    • Goal Setting Key Points

    • Goal Setting Video Exercise Title Page

    • Goal Setting Video Exercise

    • Goal Setting Article Exercise Title Page

    • Goal Setting Article Assignment

    • Goal Setting Skill Building Exercise Intro

    • Goal Setting Skill Building Exercise #1

    • Goal Setting Skill Building Exercise #2

    • Goal Setting Skill Building Exercise #3

    • Goal Setting Skill Building Exercise #4

    • Goal Setting Quiz Intro

    • Goal Setting Quiz



Rob Bumbaco

Back in the Game® was developed by Rob Bumbaco, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Mental Coach, and former Division 1 athlete. During his time playing competitive hockey, Rob noticed gaps in the support and services available to his fellow athletes. Combining his mental health training and experience on the ice, Rob has created a suite of tools to achieve optimal athletic performance.


Rachael Popcak

Rachael is a full-time mental health counselor and performance coach. She completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Rachael obtained her Master’s Degree in Social Work (Clinical Specialization) from the University of Pittsburgh. She is a Licensed Social Worker and has received additional advanced training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Rachael is a former competitive figure skater and dancer. She has specialized in performance skills training throughout her life, education, and career. Rachael has worked with athletes and organizations to help them achieve their sports performance goals. Her areas of expertise include mindfulness training, goal setting, and confidence-building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Back in the Game ®

  • What will I learn from the program?

    The Back in the Game ® program will teach you the 6 core mental skills for success. You will be provided with multiple exercises for each skill to help you further develop these skills.

  • How long is the program?

    The program is a self-paced program. There are 8 total modules with PowerPoint presentations and exercises. It is suggested that you take your time and begin to incorporate the exercises and knowledge you gain into your current training.

  • Is this program for individuals and teams?

    This program is designed for both individuals and teams. You can use this to further develop your individual mental game or coaches can use this for their team to provide an additional resource to their players.